Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello (again)

Where has the time gone?

It's been a forever since I've written anything. Like I said before, I've been busy. Since you last left your aproned hero, I've handed in all my papers, taken an exam, and graduated from law school. Everything was swell, I had family come to town, took a few days to go fishing and relax and visit more family and the next thing I know... Bam! I'm starting bar exam review to get prepared to take the NY and NJ bar exams. What crap!

Not to say I'm not looking forward to being lawyer. But I was also looking forward to a little down time after this semester and it has not come. As we speak, the baby is napping and I'm forced to choose between blogging and getting to eat lunch.

*pause to eat lunch*

Ok, to be fair lunch wins over blogging. But, I guess lately most things have won over blogging. I make no apologies, just saying is all.

In other news, my digital camera broke, so I had to fix the thing all the time while being happy to have an excuse to buy a brand new camera. The Mrs. says that I should wait until I have, you know, actual income, before I buy a new one. I say, yeah, but the baby is always blurry in our pictures and wouldn't it be nice to take a clear, good picture of him before September? I think we both have a point. In the meantime, I fixed the camera that broke, cooked some Mahi-Mahi and took pictures.

I'll preface the pictures by noting that I'm not Mahi-Mahi's biggest fan-fan. First of all, I think it's silly that it is called the same thing twice. Mahi would be a completely appropriate name for a fish. Mahi-Mahi is a bit redundant. Second of all, I think Mahi-Mahi tastes like very tender chicken. Since I am perfectly capable of making very tender chicken out of actual chickens, I see no need to pay three times the amount for a fish that tastes the same. The Mrs. is a big fan of fishes that taste like meat, but I just prefer meat. So, long story short. If you find yourself with some Mahi-Mahi and are wondering what to do-do with it-it, here is one option.  It was baked with some garlic and given a shallot and vermouth sauce.  It was good, just not spectacular. I'll take a stir-fry over this any day.